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The kinesiologist

We all know people who say they want to get in shape but find themselves in a thousand and one excuses. My back hurts, my feet are flat, I'm pregnant, I don't have time... Did you know that you can move despite your ailments and constraints if you are well supervised?

By consulting a kinesiologist, you have the best chance of developing healthy habits the right way! What is a kinesiologist? A kinesiologist is a physical activity professional who guides you to integrate physical activity into your daily life. No matter what your condition, it is always possible to move safely. Whether you are in a wheelchair, in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy, with scoliosis or fibromyalgia, the kinesiologist is there to accompany you. He or she will suggest exercises and ways of moving that respect your condition and lifestyle so that physical activity becomes as easy as possible.

So take the step! Make an appointment with a kinesiologist, THE physical activity specialists!

Psst! Yes, there is one at Minka ;-)

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