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The "Beach Body"

Summer is coming, we feel it and we live it! Everywhere on social networks, we see ads for supposedly miraculous workout programs that would allow us to have a "beach body" by June 21, 100% guaranteed! Let's demystify the whole thing right now.

First of all, what is a "beach body"? This expression, coming straight from the American West Coast, represents the so-called "perfect" body of the beauty standards put forward by social networks; a flat stomach, preferably with prominent abs, slim arms and legs for women and well-muscled for men, bouncy buttocks, tanned skin... What about the reality?

This standard does not take into account body type, genetics, lifestyle habits, socio-economic or environmental context. It is simply an image, a "look" that creates even more pressure on people. As for the various programs offered, there is something for everyone; cardio, weight training, wall pilates, fitness yoga... While it is true that working out will have an impact on your health and most likely on your figure (depending on the type of workout, frequency, intensity, etc.), none of these programs can guarantee a 100% success rate. The main reason? They are generic programs, the opposite of personalized. They may not suit your body and lifestyle at all... it drains your wallet and your self-esteem and motivation.

So how do you get a "beach body"? A phrase that I love and that makes me smile; put on your bathing suit, go to the beach and there is your beach body ;-) The key to success towards health and wellness; regularity in nutrition, physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits that suit YOU. No secret!

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