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Owner and Kinesiologist 



Caroline has worked in the field of physical activity for 28 years. Holder of a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and a master's degree in college education, Caroline specializes in private training and group classes. Mother of two girls and a boy, she is also a college physical education teacher.


Caroline discovered CrossFit in 2017, after having practiced several varied physical activities. It was the intensity variation and the mix of cardio and strength training in the form of weightlifting that really hooked her. In order to promote her passion for physical activity, she has partnered with Catherine in order to introduce physical activity through all kinds of means. She is contagiously dynamic and transmits this vitality to make everyone around her want to move! Caroline handles social media and some of the programming for CrossFit Minka. 

Environmental technician and father of two girls and a boy, Alexandre has been practicing several sports since childhood. He is an accomplished swimmer and has participated several times in the various events of the Traversée du Lac St-Jean, combining his training in the pool with running and road cycling. As a team trainer, you will have the chance to meet him in the Sunday Team WOD!


Alexandre brings his manual and sports expertise to our beautiful community. He is in charge of the renovations and improvements of the gym.




Passionate about sports of all kinds, Jackson takes care of CrossFit and HIIT groups in the evenings. Father of two boys, he discovered CrossFit in 2014 and since then he practices it at least 3 times a week. He finds in this activity the rigor, the work, the discipline and the joys that this sport can provide.

"It's the ability to always improve what I love in Crossfit, no matter your level you can always get better. Now, after my forties, coaching allows me to pass on my passion while demonstrating that it's n "There is no age to stay in shape. Training is you against you, with discipline, a little patience and a lot of effort!"



A former handball player, Marta has always loved to move; from hiking to backpacking abroad, from bodybuilding to team sports.


15 years ago, she crossed the ocean from her native Spain and quickly joined CrossFit. She immediately fell in love with the sport and has taken a deep dive into studying technique and proper form ever since, eventually becoming a certified personal trainer in 2020. She's battled injuries big and small throughout her life and is dedicated to helping his clients thrive in sport and beyond.



Marianne tells us about her journey; "Several reasons led me to start Crossfit in 2015. My practice quickly turned into a passion and the gym became my second home. My competitive spirit drives me to constantly want to surpass myself and test my skills against those of others but especially against my own previous performances."


She is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in nutrition at McGill University, with a view to a master's degree in sports nutrition. She's looking forward to sharing her passion, motivation and knowledge with the Minka family!



A mother of three young boys, Stéphanie discovered Crossfit between pregnancies, wanting to get back into shape in a varied and sustainable way. One thing led to another, and she developed a keen interest in all things related to training and nutrition, which in turn led her to train as a personal trainer and complete her Crossfit Level 1 training. Her greatest wish is to pass on her passion to her children and the community.

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