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Yoga to complement cross-training

I often hear: "Oh no, I can't start Cross-training, I'm not strong enough!" and "Oh no, I can't start Yoga, I'm not flexible enough!" When you reread these 2 statements carefully, you can't help but notice the incongruity: you come to Cross-training to become tougher/stronger and you do Yoga to improve your flexibility (among other things!)...

Did you know that these two disciplines are intimately linked? Stretching and yoga are an essential complement to cardiovascular and muscular training. Not only does good mobility promote better execution of movements, it also reduces the risk of injury and enables the athlete to improve performance. What's more, when practised after a cardio and strength training session, yoga is much easier, since your muscles and tendons are already warmed up! Cross-training, on the other hand, will give you greater confidence in certain yoga postures, improving your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, as well as your agility and balance. The two activities complement each other perfectly!

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