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Hydration while training!

It's summer in Quebec! It's very hot, especially since we often add a humidex factor to the degrees on the thermometer... Feeling 6, 7 or 8 degrees warmer than the posted temperature is enough to make you thirsty just looking at the number! When you're training in the heat, it's of course important to stay hydrated, but in the right way! Did you know that poor hydration during training can cause health problems?

Without naming them all, let's talk today about hyponatremia. This is a decrease in the concentration of sodium (salt) in the body, caused by an excess of water (unbalanced ratio). A common example: an athlete doing high-intensity training in hot weather drinks a lot of water, but doesn't add electrolytes, and ends up with symptoms such as dizziness, heartache and even loss of consciousness. It's crucial to balance your fluids when you're training, as you lose a lot of salt through sweat! Gatorade-type drinks can help, as can homemade mixes containing salt and carbohydrates.

Drink intelligently when training ;-)

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