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Sun vitamin

Ten days ago, we moved the clock forward in Quebec. For many, this was a trying time; one hour less of sleep seems to have a huge impact on energy and recovery. However, this change also brings an increase in daily light, which brings its share of benefits!

1- Protection: the sun transmits vitamin D, which has several virtues, including protection against heart disease, certain cancers and immune diseases. The sun's vitamin also helps the proper functioning of muscles and the use of calcium.

2- Prevention: osteoporosis, or the deterioration of bone mass, is slowed down by the absorption of calcium and vitamin D.

3- Mood improvement: the more we take advantage of light and its vitamin, the better our mood is. Self-esteem, self-confidence and joy of living are stimulated by the sun.

So don't wait any longer and go out and get some fresh air, take in the sun and its vitamin with its many gifts!

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