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Stretching, yes! But when?

As an athlete, it is essential to include stretching in your routine to allow for body flexibility and better recovery. However, it is better to do this after our physical activity. Here is why:

1) It's a good transition between sympathetic and parasympathetic metabolism (i.e., transitioning to a calmer physical stage that allows for better recovery).

2) Pre-exercise stretching can bring the muscle to full stretch, potentially reducing its strength and performance quality.

That being said, before a physical workout, it would be more beneficial to do a neuromuscular warm-up with movements that you will repeat during your session. It is also recommended to do a myofascial release (with a roller or LaCrosse ball). This type of massage relaxes the myofascial tissues resulting in better mobility without compromising your performance.

Finally, there are always exceptions to this principle. For example, a goalie should stretch since his sport is based on flexibility and not explosion. A sprinter should avoid stretching before training to maximize the explosion of his muscles.

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